Monday, February 25, 2013

Blogging and moving don't mix

So sad to have missed three days of blogging but we have been busy, busy with the move!! Sad to miss 7 Quick Takes on Friday and What I Wore Sunday but here is a quick summary of the weekend.
Friday: Packed up as much as we could and moved a couple of car loads Friday night after we got our keys. Steve told the girls they could do a sleepover in the new house before we moved the furniture in. So they took their sleeping bags and watched DVD's on the laptop. Steve said they had so much fun! Me and Catie smartly slept in our beds at home, ha!
Saturday: All day moving fest! So exhausting. We are so tired of moving my bed. Steve reminded me how I called him in tears from Jacksonville trying to take apart the bed to move to California. Ha, I chose to block that our some how but laughed at the reminder.
Sunday: Organized the stuff the best that we could. There were still a lot of random stuff at the old house Steve gathered up. Spring cleaning is at it's best when there is a move! Comcast was supposed to come in the afternoon but didn't show till the evening when he couldn't do anything. A house is not a home until the cable is installed!!
Here is a pic of Catie exploring the new yard!

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