Sunday, November 8, 2015

A new project

I recently received an invitation to a creative project. It is a project that seems far off in the future and it would require a lot of major life changes. Yet, it still keeps popping up for me. I have now received a kind of starting point to begin to see if this project is really for me. I’m going to start with just one small step and then maybe try to take another step after that to see if this is a worthy project. I don’t have fear for this project, more of just a procrastination and or laziness. If I can just begin, maybe I can see if it can continue. Part of me wants to come up with the outline and formatting before even beginning. Another part says just to start and all that stuff will come out in the doing. So I am going to start with the second part. My first goal is to do seven in my series and then publish that in 7 quick takes for the “world”. If I can truly even do seven, that will put me past that pesky procrastination and laziness. I’m not sure of the time frame I am giving these seven projects, maybe a month? No, maybe I need seven weeks. So, can I do seven writings by the end of the year? Ok, now the goal is set. Here we go…..

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back on vacation

Eden's last day of ESY was Tuesday and that was also Anna's last day if preschool. We celebrated Wednesday with a trip to the boardwalk. Eden lived playing in the ocean and riding the mini helicopter rides. Anna and Catie liked the beach and arcade. 

We also were fortunate to have a visit with some cousins. 
So happy to have two more weeks to enjoy before school starts again. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014


We are getting ready for Anna's 5th birthday and have been recounting everyone's birthdays. I'm already starting to forget some so I wanted to right them down before I forget even more.

1 - Party at Yaya's house
2 - Family Party
3 - Kite Party at Wilma house
4 - Rainbow Party at Wilma house
5 - Trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium
6 - The Jungle with friends
7 - Spongebob Party at Arbutus house

1 - Party in Denver
2 - Family Party
3 - Strawberry party at Wilma house
4 - Party in Denver
5 - Hello Kitty party

1 - Family party at Wilma house
2 - Party with Godparents at Arbutus house

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Seven quick takes April

This is the last weekday of Spring Break. It has been everything we wanted. I love the relaxing mornings, Eden has loved the SpongeBob marathons. And we get a date at the end to go to Giants game for the first time in two seasons!! I checked out the calendar and there are eight weeks till summer vacation. I'm not sure if that seems long or short. The six weeks between winter vacation and spring break seemed REALLY long to me but a lot of that had to do with Eden's evaluations and IEP meetings. So I think I'll be more relaxed now even if it is an extra two weeks! Plus, there are many celebrations within in these eight weeks.
Divine Mercy Sunday!
Mother's Day!
Memorial Day!
Eden's Birthday!
Father's Day!

Here are seven things I would like to accomplish during these eight weeks:

1. Lose 16 pounds. Two pounds a week right? Included in this is I'd like to swim and take a spin class at least once a week. Obviously, I'll need to do more than this but I don't want to set the bar too high.

2. No more SpongeBob watching. Phew, Eden has been binging big time this week and hitting the scripts a lot so we will need to go cold turkey. It will be hard for everyone but it is necessary. She graduated to the next level in her play group so for six of the eight weeks she will have that to focus on Wednesdays.

3. I'll probably do this on the weekend but just in case, there needs to be a toy purge/reorganization. There are four boxes of just random little toys that need to get put back together and there are way too many baby toys that I think need to find new homes with babies.

4. Try some new recipes from Gwenyth paltrows new book. I've skimmed it so far and they look okay. Definitely good for Steve's diet. 

5.  What is everyone eating for Easter? Ham, potatoes and asparagus is the usual menu but maybe something new. 

6. Still trying to decide if Eden wants a birthday party or not. She said she wants a "yellow party" not sure what that means. 

7. My grandma is turning 100 at the end of May. She is having a party at her church and I wish we could go, especially so all the little cousins could play together but it won't work wis year but we love Great Gran!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

7 quick takes

1.  Yay! We bought a new mattress. It is getting delivered today and I'm nervous and excited. I hope we LOVE it. It does have 30 day return policy. I can't believe we have slept on grandmas old mattress with memory phone topper this long. 

2.  Eden has finished all her evaluations and we are getting ready for her big meeting next week. I'm so anxious to learn how she tested. Steve and I were thinking how long we need to make her goals. He is thinking life goals and I'm thinking more elementary goals. Mr w said she's tested the highest he's ever seen. Really makes me question if this right placement for her. He said he has no other meetings on Monday so we have plenty of time to assess results. 
3.  I had these chocolate croissants from trader joes in my freezer forever and I finally cooked them this week. Bad idea during Lent. I felt bad for eating something so decadent in this season of fasting but I recommend you go and get them to eat after Easter.

4. So the Internet said I could make soft playdough with just corn starch and lotion.Ugh, it hasn't mixed together well at all. Anna keeps looking at the corn starch box for the recipe. I'm on the look out for another recipe.

5. I've been watching this video all week. Anna doesn't like it when I show her not actual Frozen videos but I can't get enough of them.

6. Clover sisters!

7. Finished bed!
Here's hoping it is comfy for many years!