Sunday, November 8, 2015

A new project

I recently received an invitation to a creative project. It is a project that seems far off in the future and it would require a lot of major life changes. Yet, it still keeps popping up for me. I have now received a kind of starting point to begin to see if this project is really for me. I’m going to start with just one small step and then maybe try to take another step after that to see if this is a worthy project. I don’t have fear for this project, more of just a procrastination and or laziness. If I can just begin, maybe I can see if it can continue. Part of me wants to come up with the outline and formatting before even beginning. Another part says just to start and all that stuff will come out in the doing. So I am going to start with the second part. My first goal is to do seven in my series and then publish that in 7 quick takes for the “world”. If I can truly even do seven, that will put me past that pesky procrastination and laziness. I’m not sure of the time frame I am giving these seven projects, maybe a month? No, maybe I need seven weeks. So, can I do seven writings by the end of the year? Ok, now the goal is set. Here we go…..