Monday, February 25, 2013

Blogging and moving don't mix

So sad to have missed three days of blogging but we have been busy, busy with the move!! Sad to miss 7 Quick Takes on Friday and What I Wore Sunday but here is a quick summary of the weekend.
Friday: Packed up as much as we could and moved a couple of car loads Friday night after we got our keys. Steve told the girls they could do a sleepover in the new house before we moved the furniture in. So they took their sleeping bags and watched DVD's on the laptop. Steve said they had so much fun! Me and Catie smartly slept in our beds at home, ha!
Saturday: All day moving fest! So exhausting. We are so tired of moving my bed. Steve reminded me how I called him in tears from Jacksonville trying to take apart the bed to move to California. Ha, I chose to block that our some how but laughed at the reminder.
Sunday: Organized the stuff the best that we could. There were still a lot of random stuff at the old house Steve gathered up. Spring cleaning is at it's best when there is a move! Comcast was supposed to come in the afternoon but didn't show till the evening when he couldn't do anything. A house is not a home until the cable is installed!!
Here is a pic of Catie exploring the new yard!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Parent Fail

A few months ago I made a mistake with the girls. They were in the bath tub starting a bath. They had a basket of letters, some foam and some magnetic. Eden might have said she wanted to wash the letter but for whatever reason I dumped the whole basket into the tub. The plug was not on the drain so a few of the magnetic letters went down the drain. This sent the girls into hysterics. Screaming and crying, "THE LETTERS ARE GONE"! Full on hysterics. Steve even went under the house to see if somehow they got stuck in the pipes but alas they were gone. This led to bathtime being impossible for months. We could only bring ourselves to bath them about once a week because it was like a horror movie everytime we turned on the water in the tub. Even Catie would break into full screaming. Finally, I was able to ease Anna and Catie back into the tub and we are able to resume normal bath routine with them. Eden was able to ease into taking showers which is not ideal but it has worked okay with me coaching her on the other side. But last month Eden started to freak again, thinking all the bath toys were going to go down the drain. She has gone back into screams and crying everytime there is a bath. Maybe when we get to the new house, we can get back into normal bath/shower time.

Monday, February 18, 2013

We need a vacation!!

After three mini vacations in 2011, we didn't take any vacations in 2012. While that did help our budget, it is beginning to take a toll. These last two months in particular have been very stressful for both Steve and I so hopefully we can schedule in a break soon.
Luckily, we got a one day getaway last fall to Yosemite with Maria. The girls talked about it for months after even though it was a less than 24-hour trip. We arrived at our hotel at midnight and was home again the next night by 9. When we woke the girls up upon our arrival at the hotel Steve told them to "get in the building" so for weeks after they would say "We need to pick up Maria at the airport and go to the building. And we'll sleep there and Catie will sleep in her pen" Ha, it was the first time Catie had been in a Graco playpen. So funny how they remember these things. Anna talked about it a lot!
They would love a trip to the snow. Eden thinks she wants to snowboard but when we tell her she has to wear a helmet she doesn't want to do it anymore. Maybe we can at least get a couple days to sled.
Here's hoping for a snow trip!
A pic from Yosemite snow last November:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

WIWS Volume 1

My first time to link up with Fine Linen and Purple.....

Wow, the church was like at half of its usual participants. Maybe the churches up in Tahoe were full...
Yay, winter vacation!
I didn't actually take a picture of today's outfit because it was sooooo boring:
Khaki pants
Beige turtleneck
Ivory Cardigan
So unlike me to have no color, ha!

But here is a flashback pic from Catie's baptism, Divine Mercy Sunday 2012.

Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Steinmart (Way back from my Jacksonville days, whoa!)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Seven QT VOL I

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!

My first time to join Jen @ Conversion Diary

1. One week countdown till we move!! The house is a mess right now but I'm trying to remember it will just be temporary. It will be an interesting vacation break with almost everything packed up.

2. Catie is very close to full time walking. She took several consecutive steps across the room. Any day now!

3. Eden had a "safety drill" at school today. They said she did a really good job because they needed all the kids to be quiet, perfect activity for her, ha! I told Steve I should have asked her teacher if Steven Seagal was there....

4. Finally some new shows to watch with the return of Smash and Walking Dead.

5. We are looking foward to going back to re:sound tonight. I really need to get a video of the girls singing, "Trading My Sorrows" in English and Spanish! So cute!!

6. Anna in a tree

7. Eden in her "lunchtime school house"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

All about me tee

Eden made this poster in her social skills group.
Places I Like to Go: "To Kindergarten with Mommy" (Huge surprise answer but so cute)
Likes to do at home: "Play outside"
Likes to do at school: "Play Doh" (Her favorite free choice activity is a Play Doh breakfast set. She says she makes, "Hashbrowns, eggs, waffles and strawberries)
Favorite food: "Apples"
Favorite movie: "Uncle Donald" (On Christmas Eve, the Disney Channel showed the movie "Once Upon a Christmas" and Eden LOVED it all Christmas Vacation. I found it on YouTube and we watched it many, many times but since Christmas is over we haven't watched it in a while even though Eden asks about it often)
The leader says she was very descriptive about the family pictures too. I wish I knew exactly what she said but I'm so proud of all these unprompted answers given to the leaders. She seemed so confused about the answer, Uncle Donald, ha!
The aides said she ate two cupcakes at the Valentine's Party and when I asked her who brought the cupcakes she said,"Mrs. Brosseau" (a parent). I was surprised she was able to answer with just one question and such a novel response. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A post a day for Lent

I'm going to challenge myself to write a blog post everyday during Lent.
Some reasons why:
  • I like to write and I want to do it more on a scheduled basis
  • I'm a big time blog stalker and I want to add to the mix instead of just looking in from the outside
  • Part of my Mom job is to be a family documentation so I need to a better job of that.
Here is a happy Catie video filmed last week: