Friday, March 1, 2013

7 QT Vol. II

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Happy to join everyone at Conversion Diary:

1. I became very interested in reading Girl's Gone Child recent post about HELP. I read all the comments and then there were follow up blogs and I read those comments too. She also posted a video from Amy Poehler that I loved where she thanked the people that help her with her kids so she could be successful. She is so funny. Side note: we are catching up on all the Parks and Recreation episodes. I've come to the conclusion recently there is no Mom out there doing it all. There has to be compromise somewhere and every family is so different, you just need to find what works best for you.

2. Catie is super walker now. There is longer hallway in the new house and she circles around the living room and kitchen. So cute! She can crawl outside with the sisters and she loves to push Anna on the little scooter car.

3. Eden was a little grumpy on Monday morning to return to school but who isn't after vacation. Steve walked her everyday but on Thursday I had to drive her so I could take Anna to preschool and she was SO UPSET not to walk.

4. I was so happy to read that a friend of a friend is visiting my acupuncture clinic to help her with pregnancy. Sending her and all my friends affected by infertility many, many prayers and thoughts.

5. This is the time of year that Ole Miss always teases us as a bubble team for the tournament. I'm afraid it will be the NIT again for them.

6. It was so cute to read this blog post. One of the happy things to come out of the Pope's resignation. Where were you when you heard about Pope Benedict being appointed? April 2005, I was in Banff with Steve at the lovely Fairmont hotel. I was so excited to see the headline in the paper.

7. Flashback photo from February 2008. Eden was nine months old. This week she was so happy to see the daffodils again. She said "How do you spell daffodil?"

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