Thursday, February 14, 2013

All about me tee

Eden made this poster in her social skills group.
Places I Like to Go: "To Kindergarten with Mommy" (Huge surprise answer but so cute)
Likes to do at home: "Play outside"
Likes to do at school: "Play Doh" (Her favorite free choice activity is a Play Doh breakfast set. She says she makes, "Hashbrowns, eggs, waffles and strawberries)
Favorite food: "Apples"
Favorite movie: "Uncle Donald" (On Christmas Eve, the Disney Channel showed the movie "Once Upon a Christmas" and Eden LOVED it all Christmas Vacation. I found it on YouTube and we watched it many, many times but since Christmas is over we haven't watched it in a while even though Eden asks about it often)
The leader says she was very descriptive about the family pictures too. I wish I knew exactly what she said but I'm so proud of all these unprompted answers given to the leaders. She seemed so confused about the answer, Uncle Donald, ha!
The aides said she ate two cupcakes at the Valentine's Party and when I asked her who brought the cupcakes she said,"Mrs. Brosseau" (a parent). I was surprised she was able to answer with just one question and such a novel response. 

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