Monday, February 14, 2011

His side of the story

Steve took a break from planning his summer garden and seed buying to submit this entry to my blog:

It didn’t seem like a good idea to me when the producer told me that he planned on making a reality TV show about a film crew making a documentary on the NFL mascots. However, I hadn’t worked in about 3 or 4 weeks and my landlords/ roommates were wondering when I would be paying LAST month’s rent, so I figured I could do worse than an all expenses paid trip to Jacksonville the week of the Superbowl and $600 to boot.

After 2 full days of running around Jacksonville, it became really apparent that this whole project was an exercise in futility. Our last location before the DP and I were to be sent home (we refused to camp out in the van for the remainder of the shoot days) was this media party at some golf course called “Saw Grass. “ The DP was grabbing pictures of the mascots teeing off from the 17th tee box when I realized that I had seen this place on TV before. Eventually the DP and I got totally fed up with the whole thing. He handed his camera off to one of the production assistants (the producer’s nephew who was working for free) to do some shooting and we made a break for the bar.

It was my last night in a city that was 1500 miles from my home, I was at a party with lots of free top shelf booze and beautiful women, and I have to admit I did not have the purest intentions in mind. But as usual, when I have less than pure intentions in mind my ability to “close the deal,” --who am I kidding, my ability to even get a woman to engage in a two way conversation with me much less “close the deal”—was extremely weak at best. Eventually I gave up, enjoyed the free booze, gourmet food and Hootie and the Blowfish playing live until the crew was ready to head back to the hotel. Just as we were about to leave I looked up and saw this really cute woman laughing with her friends just a few feet away. I decided that if I could accomplish only one thing that night, I would be doing well to leave this woman knowing that she has a beautiful smile. So I walked up, excused myself , said my peace and began to walk away. She stopped me, asked who I was, struck up a conversation and asked me to join her and her friends for dancing.

I FREAKED. If there’s one thing the world (much less this cute little lady) does not need is to see more of me trying to dance. “Uhhhh…. I have an early flight back to Denver tomorrow,” was all I could think of to say. She handed me her card and we parted ways. Nothing could have prepared me for the ration of sh— that I would have to tolerate from the rest of the crew or from my family after I got home. “You said WHAT?!?!?” said my sister in law, knowing how badly I wanted to meet someone, get married and start a family.

At least I still had her business card. We would exchange a few emails and then phone calls and, well… here we are today. Funny thing is, that was the day before my birthday. It turned out to be the best birthday present EVER!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Eden's teacher told us this story about her from last week:

A boy in her class wanted to help everyone put on their jackets to go out for playtime. When he got to Eden she told him "No" but only because she was wearing a sweatshirt that day and didn't have a jacket. He didn't realize that and was sad that he couldn't help Eden. She saw his sadness and gave him a little kiss on his arm and then they hugged.

So sweet!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So it begins......

Well, I couldn't just let him walk away after that kind of compliment, so I went after him.
Turns out he was in town with a camera crew that was following around all the NFL mascots for a show. (All the mascots come together for Superbowl week apparently, did not know that.)
We were still celebrating our chocolate fountain high, so I invited my new friend to come out with us but he declined, hmmph, something about leaving on an early flight back to Denver the next day. I gave him my business card and he left. I went back to my friends and they were wondering who I was just talking too. Maria said he looked like my "type of guy", which was quite prophetic because he turned out to be "my guy"!
Happy Birthday Steve!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday before the Superbowl

The Tuesday before the Superbowl has never been the same since 2005. That was the day a love story began.....

It was a day I was really looking forward to because it was Media Day. I was able to go even though I wasn't assigned a specific story to work on. Everyone wants to go because it has turned into such a spectacle over the years.
The only Eagle I talked to was Derrick Burgess because he went to Ole Miss. When the Patriots came out, I tried to get close to to Tom Brady's podium and the view was well worth it. I also got to see Mike and Mike from ESPN eat lunch which was a big deal at the time because I was obsessed with their show.
There was also a media party that evening at TPC Sawgrass. None of my co-workers seemed to be too excited about it but I had made my friends take a pact that we were going out EVERY night during Superbowl week no matter what!! When I got there, a couple co-workers were there so I chatted with them for a little bit. There was a HUGE food spread and a giant cake but most important..... A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!! I called Maria and Allison immediately and told them they had to get out to Sawgrass right away. So while I waited for them I feasted from the FOUNTAIN and watched NFL mascots dance to Hootie and the Blowfish. (The REAL Hootie, not just a DJ.) So they came and feasted at the fountain too and then it was time to go.

Okay, okay enough background, onto the love story.....

We were standing outside of the tent overlooking the famous 17th Island green talking to several different people and I remember one of them was a PR guy from the 49ers so naturally as a 49er fan I was extra chatty and flirty. Then a guy came up to me and said, "I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful smile" but then he walked away.....