Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Parent Fail

A few months ago I made a mistake with the girls. They were in the bath tub starting a bath. They had a basket of letters, some foam and some magnetic. Eden might have said she wanted to wash the letter but for whatever reason I dumped the whole basket into the tub. The plug was not on the drain so a few of the magnetic letters went down the drain. This sent the girls into hysterics. Screaming and crying, "THE LETTERS ARE GONE"! Full on hysterics. Steve even went under the house to see if somehow they got stuck in the pipes but alas they were gone. This led to bathtime being impossible for months. We could only bring ourselves to bath them about once a week because it was like a horror movie everytime we turned on the water in the tub. Even Catie would break into full screaming. Finally, I was able to ease Anna and Catie back into the tub and we are able to resume normal bath routine with them. Eden was able to ease into taking showers which is not ideal but it has worked okay with me coaching her on the other side. But last month Eden started to freak again, thinking all the bath toys were going to go down the drain. She has gone back into screams and crying everytime there is a bath. Maybe when we get to the new house, we can get back into normal bath/shower time.

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