Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We love Coco!

Wow, what a great mini-vacation we just had!
Steve and I were so impressed to see the Conan show in person. It all seemed to go so fast for me but it was the normal hour. It was funny to watch him do the monologue straight into the camera instead of looking at us in the audience because when we watch at home it is like he is talking just to us. He is very professional yet still so funny. Like I said, we loved it!
Photo: www.teamcoco.com
I did a little research for a restaurant to eat post-show. I thought seafood would be a good choice so I choice this place in Hollywood.
The layout was a look into the kitchen behind the bar. I instantly saw a picture of Padre Pio hanging in the kitchen and I was so moved. I asked the waiter about it and he didn't even know who he was. The host told me the chef hung it because he was a saint for the working man. I love it when God shows up in the most unexpected places. Oh, the food was really good too.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Third Sunday in Review

  • Wow, it rained a lot here this week. We got out for a few walks in between storms to get some energy out. One night we got caught in some heavy sprinkles but Eden walked all the way back from the hardware store which is almost a mile!
  • Anna is still saying so many new words! Her favorites lately are apple, ice cream, George (for Curious George), Bobo (for Elmo) and Hey Sister (when Eden comes home or is outside)
  • So excited for my birthday trip to see Conan! It feels like it has been a lifelong dream but really just since college! Happy that he is closer to see now that he films in California instead of New York.
  • Went shopping for a new outfit to wear to the above mentioned show and I have NO idea what my style is anymore. I'm still drawn to stuff I wore in my twenties but that style does not work for me anymore. I looked longingly at beautiful heels at Nordstrom Rack that I can no longer wear. What is a mom in her thirties supposed to wear these days?
  • I went off the wagon and read blogs last week. It was like reading one led to another and another but I'm back on track for the rest of Lent.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Second Sunday in Review

We had a great St. Patrick's Day. Here is a slideshow:

Thanks to OnDemand, I was able to catch-up with Parenthood by watching three episodes in a row. It is a great show, I recommend it!

Before all the rain came, the kids loved playing outside for extended times thanks to DST. The sleep schedule hasn't changed too much except for a little longer bedtime. And I loved taking Hipstamatic pictures of them playing:

I didn't make it to Berkeley for the Rebels NIT game, which was for the best I suppose since they lost. :(

My Dad is in Mississippi this week and I'm pretty jealous, especially since he will be in Oxford. But because he is so generous and loves the girls so much, he is securing an investment that will hopefully pay for them to study at Ole Miss in 16-18 years!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Sunday in Review

I gave up reading blogs and Facebook for Lent, except for Sundays which is supposed to be a break from the fast anyways. I'm going to post some bullet points of our week on Sundays during Lent.
  • For some reason Eden decided to wake up at 4 a.m. on Ash Wednesday which means EVERYONE was up. We made it to 7:30 Mass no problem and as usual I think they were the only small children there. The other bright side was they were asleep by 7:30 and we were asleep by 8.
  • I read a recommendation on another blog about the Leapfrog Letter Factory video. I got it at the library and didn't think Eden would be interested in it but she LOVES it.
  • Steve is re-reading The Artist's Way this week and is considering starting it again in order to jumpstart his creative side. I'm reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years even though I said I was going to read Jesus of Nazareth for Lent. I bought it at the Border's Clearance so I'll have plenty of time to get to it.
  • I heard Fr. Corapi talk about how Mary was his "broker". He trusts her with his spiritual "investments" and he likes his ROI. I like that.
  • Steve took a gardening class in Palo Alto by the guy that wrote this book: How to Grow More Vegetables and Fruits (and Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains, and Other Crops) Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Imagine. I accused him of hanging out with "the hippie, liberal elite" but he said they were just "apocalyptic".
  • When I heard about the tsunami on the radio, I turned on the TV to see the coverage. This was during Eden's usual PBS time and I tried to explain to her about a tsunami and all she could say was, "I don't want to watch the tsu-mami" but imagine that said super whiny.
  • We ate yummy blueberry pancakes with my parents on Mardi Gras. I still have my Mardi Gras decorations up. This means the St. Patrick's decorations will still be up well past the 17th.
  • I got to hold two super sweet little baby boys, Jack and Colin. Maybe a glimpse into the future??
  • Anna says so many new words and sings along to almost all of the Cat in the Hat songs that Eden (and me!) sing over and over.
  • When I'm making dinner, I make up new lyrics to this song and Eden sings it too!
     That is it for this week!