Monday, March 4, 2013

A Working Mom

Like I said in QT, being a working mom is trending in the blogosphere and on my mind a lot. So what great timing for this link-up.....

1) What do you do for work?
Administrative assistant for a financial advisor, part-time.
2) Why do you work?
The original plan was to become a fiinancial advisor but now it is to support previous clients and to provide additional income so we can afford to live in Silicon Valley.
3) Describe a typical work day.
I work three days a week from 9-3. I do computer work and speak to clients on the phone.
4) What's the best part about having a job?
I think I will list paycheck number one! It is also nice to have adult interaction. I like to solve problems and organize. It is nice to have a break from the home scene. I'm very lucky to have a flexible schedule and boss.
5) What's your least favorite part?
Sometimes it is difficult to work for someone else who has different expectations. Also, some problems arise that are difficult to find solutions which can cause some stress.
6) What would make your life easier?
Sometimes I think it would just be easier if we had an additional $2500 in income then I could stay home and pursue other things but in reality I don't know if that would really solve anything.
7) How do your children handle their mom's career?
I like knowing that I'm providing an example to them that a mom can work and be a mom at the same time even though I'm sure that has never crossed their minds. They know I work but they don't lack for anything. They never say, "Don't go to work today". When Anna makes art at preschool she will sometimes ask, "Will you hang it up in your office?"
8) Do you feel supported in what you do?
I do feel supported. So very lucky the girls are able to be with grandma while I work instead of daycare. So beyond lucky for that. My work would not be possible without the support my Mom gives.
9) What are your future goals when it comes to work/motherhood?
For now I think my long term goal is to become a financial coach and work from home. I want to help people make budgets and live within their means. Kind of like a Suze Orman. I'm not sure how I can make this happen and make money at the same time.
10) What are some tips that help you balance it all?
Supportive family is my number one tip. Also, a flexible schedule is important.

Please leave comments if you read this. It helps to know us working moms are all in this together.


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