Monday, March 28, 2011

Third Sunday in Review

  • Wow, it rained a lot here this week. We got out for a few walks in between storms to get some energy out. One night we got caught in some heavy sprinkles but Eden walked all the way back from the hardware store which is almost a mile!
  • Anna is still saying so many new words! Her favorites lately are apple, ice cream, George (for Curious George), Bobo (for Elmo) and Hey Sister (when Eden comes home or is outside)
  • So excited for my birthday trip to see Conan! It feels like it has been a lifelong dream but really just since college! Happy that he is closer to see now that he films in California instead of New York.
  • Went shopping for a new outfit to wear to the above mentioned show and I have NO idea what my style is anymore. I'm still drawn to stuff I wore in my twenties but that style does not work for me anymore. I looked longingly at beautiful heels at Nordstrom Rack that I can no longer wear. What is a mom in her thirties supposed to wear these days?
  • I went off the wagon and read blogs last week. It was like reading one led to another and another but I'm back on track for the rest of Lent.

1 comment:

  1. what IS a mom in her thirties supposed to wear these days? What a question. I have NO idea. Let me know if you figure that one out.
    Have a GREAT time seeing Conan.
    I could kick myself for not going to see a Friends taping. I was (am?) such a huge fan.