Friday, February 28, 2014

7-quick takes February

1. I'm officially a catechist for Playways. I've helped out a few Sundays so far. Four year olds are hilarious and exhausting. After this Sunday, Anna said she didn't want me to come to Sunday school anymore, ha! Oh we'll it is like one more month.

2. We caught up on the True Detective episodes on HBO. Bummed that ther are only two more episodes. At first I liked it better than Homeland but I really like Claire Danes and Tru Detective is missing that female lead but it is still really good. 

3. Happy to have some rain around here. Yesterday the girls were arguing about it because Anna didn't want it to rain because then her soccer practice would be cancelled. Luckily it didn't rain so she was still able to practice and then splash in puddles this morning. 

4.  I'm thinking for Lent that I need to take some time for me to make some art. I often feel inspired to make some type of religious art but I never feel like I have the talent or the time. I'm no artist for sure but I still just have this feeling like I want to create something. Stay tuned......

5. My new guilty pleasure from Trader Joe's, yummy!
6. I've been using to find new blogs to read because there are 303 people doing this seven day challenge. It's fun just to pick a random blog to read. I try to comment when I can.

7. A picture from Steve's birthday/Superbowl party. Not much of a party for him but we were happy at least the Broncos made it to the Superbowl. I ordered a special cake topper but then when I went to pick up a plain cake at Safeway they already had pre-made cakes with Bronco colors (and Seahawks), oh well.

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