Monday, February 24, 2014


This is a picture of Eden last week on our mini-vacation to Morro Bay. She LOVED climbing on the rocks that you can kind of see in the background on the beach line. She loved that yellow shovel and held it in the car on the trip down. She pretended it was a guitar. Can hardly believe she is closer to her seventh birthday than she was her sixth.

The next six weeks are going to be challenging for her so I'm sending in extra prayers. She has six weeks of her social skills group which is really good for her but also a challenge. When we've been talking about it she says she doesn't want to go and that she is "scared" which really means it is hard. Why is it hard? Just a playgroup right? But she is asked to talk to her friends, make requests of adults and friends and just overall be social and that is difficult for her. She understands the concepts of social thinking (she loves to read the books) but it is a challenge for her to put them into action.

Also, she is going through testing/evaluations for her triennial review. Three years since her initial testing, wow! She is being tested for executive function which is a term that is hard to explain and understand but we hope it will give us some answers to help her with the prompting.

Her current interest for now is the Bubble Guppies. I gave her the coloring sheets a few weeks ago and she would bring all the characters to her bed and "tuck them into bed" and instruct her sisters not to go in the room because "her Bubble Guppies are sleeping". She was devastated when she left the sheets at Ya-Ya's house but I just ordered the figurines so she is playing with those now.

Steve took her to a climbing gym a couple of times over the winter break. She was into it at first but then she got scared and was afraid of falling even though she was harnessed in and Steve was holding the other end of the rope.

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