Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes July

Anna had a playdate with her friend from the previous post. 
They were so cute together. Equally bossy if that is possible.

Heat wave in California so this week was pretty low energy. 
The girls are loving Team Umizoomi lately.

So sad that Google Reader is gone. I don't understand why, ugh. 
This is what the Feedly app on my phone looks like:
So lame: 

Eden had two days of ESY this week and it was so hard to get her out the door. 
But she has had fun once she is there. She made a cute Popsicle flag and 
a 4th of July coloring book.  
Eden lost her first tooth yesterday!! She was eating watermelon outside and 
came inside and said look. She kept the tooth too. 
She doesn't care about the tooth fairy. She just wanted a yellow lollipop!

There were a lot of fireworks in our neighborhood last night which was good so we 
didn't have to drive downtown and fight the traffic. Both girls got tired 
at 10 and put themselves to bed, aahhh!

Eden has been scripting from this book for a while. I finally googled 
"Buffalo Burrito" because that was one of the things she said a lot. I found the book
 and asked her if she knew what it was and she said she read it in Kindergarten. 
I got it from the library and it is so cute. The one with Poor Puppy is really cute too!

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