Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ha, schedules.....

So I lasted three weeks on a blog writing schedule and then nothing......
Two weeks ago, everything started out great, hence the Coco mini-vacation post. At the end of the week, we were dealt two not so good news that has taken some time for me to process. I needed last week to process.
But now I am out of that funk, kicking those bad newsies to the curb and moving on.
We are really looking forward to Easter as I'm sure many are during this stage of Lent. We've been sneaking a few chocolate eggs or as Eden calls them, "candy easter" and jelly beans.
I've forgotten to update a few things about Anna that have happened in the past month or so: she is officially down to one afternoon nap and no more bottles. Kind of convenient for these to happen right around 18 months, makes it easier to remember. She had no problem transitioning away from the bottle. We just started to give her one a day for a week and then none but she didn't even care. We couldn't remember when Eden stopped the bottle, probably around the same time. We were thrilled that her two naps lasted as long as they did because Eden gave up her morning nap around 11 or 12 months and then nap altogether around 2 years. Here's hoping Anna can keep hers up awhile longer.
I will expand more on our news as I gather more information.....

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