Friday, September 13, 2013

September Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about isolation, Chardonnaydo, and the creepiness of Furbies (vol. 232)

I wish I could be more consistent in posting these every week. Jen gives good inspiration.....
Conversion Diary

1. I watched some of A Place at the Table documentary on Netflix. We watched the producers on the Daily Show talk about it and I was intrigued. It got me kind of depressed though. Food insecurity is a complex issue.

2. It led me to look up the town, Jonestown MS. In the documentary, they said this town didn't have a decent grocery store and a lady drove to Batesville to get fruit and vegetables. The graphic in the doc showed that Jonestown was west of Batesville but I didn't believe it but Google Maps proved me wrong.

3. So of course I had to put Jonestown into Zillow to see what real estate is like around there. I was blown away to see you could get a foreclosed 3/1 house in Clarksdale for $19,500. Um, most cars cost more than that. Then I found me dream retirement home in Marks, MS. A 9 bedroom estate on 6 acres, 45 miles from Oxford, for $425,000. Much, much different than California real estate.

4.  It has only been one week but I'm loving being a dance mom. Here is hoping Anna will keep loving dance class. She practices her ballet to "I could sing of your love forever". I mean can it get any cuter!! But check these out:
5. We were hoping Eden could do an art class at the same time but it was full. I think I'm going to make a chore chart for her but I don't think she will be motivated by allowance. Hmmmm...

6. Bumbo+Popsicle 

7. Eden told her teacher she will be playing in the backyard this weekend. Fun!!

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  1. I love the look of total relaxation in the Bumbo pic. And it's great to meet another Montessori mom! In DC, the Catholic Montessori is way cheaper than the secular one, lucky us! Of course, if we had gotten into a charter school, it would have been free...