Friday, August 30, 2013

7 QT - August

Happy to be joining Jen @ Conversion Diary....
7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 230)

1. Some back to school pics:

Eden is insisting that she is going to third grade and not first grade, funny girl!

2. I'm so behind the times but I just watched the Katy Perry documentary. There is a brief flash where she is wearing an Ole Miss jersey. So I googled Katy Perry Ole Miss and it turns out that her manager went to Ole Miss and she dressed up as an Ole Miss cheer leader for his birthday. I love her!

3. A good friend posted this on Facebook, so check them out!!:

Hi all! Inspired by Brian's mission of using our God given talents to bring others closer to Jesus, the kids and I have started Joyful Beads! We make personalized rosaries and jewelry to raise funds for Lumen and the kids extra curricular activities, which center on the talents God gave them. Here's a pic of one rosary that Rosi made for her friend as a b-day gift. We do have some pictures on our facebook page and hope to get more on there real soon! You can contact us at You can take a look @ our examples and tell us what you'd like and we can share with you how we can create what you want. They can commemorate any sacrament, wedding anniversary, b-day, etc.

Brian has said that for every rosary/jewelry sold, he will give the pro-life DVD "Skiff and AJs Fantastic Voyage" to a kid in school. As some of you know, he is currently fundraising to get the DVDs into the hands of 2nd graders at all Catholic schools/ccd around the country.
Our works will soon be on Lumen's webstore so that you can buy them/contact me directly through there. Lumen's website is
Thanks for reading! If you like our mission, like us on facebook at Joyful Beads!
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4. The Sociology Major in me is really looking forward to this book:
David and Goliath

5. My four year old ballerina princess is going to start ballet classes soon at a real dance company. Is Ballet West in her future?? Is anyone else watching Breaking Pointe on the CW? It is my guilty pleasure for the summer. I'm always a sucker for dance shows.

6.  A family pic that my Aunt Eileen took last week. She was so sweet to bring the girls Backyardigan toys too!
7. I can be happy this Friday and the rest of the weekend because of the Ole Miss win against Vandy. Way to go Rebs!

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