Sunday, January 2, 2011

December updates

Wow, I can't believe I didn't make a single post last month. Here are some random updates in a total random order....

  • In the 31 days of December, we viewed and heard "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" about a thousand times. I recorded the cartoon version that played after Thanksgiving and Eden asked to watch it practically every night. I got the audiobook and Eden played it on her Ipod over and over and over. There is a house (mansion?) in Los Gatos, that has a huge Grinch display on their roof and in their yard that we drove by several nights. I wish I could say we are in Grinch detox for January but Eden listened to it twice last night and we've already watched it once today.
  • I got my present early, the Iphone 4! It is so nifty. Now, Eden is able to listen to her stories on my old phone while we drive. Some of my other present highlights were an Ole Miss purse (Thanks Nana!) and a date with Steve where we enjoyed yummy Thai food and "The Fighter" (Thanks to my parents for keeping the girls!) Some discussion after "The Fighter" which we enjoyed: 
Me: I liked how Amy Adams wasn't so super skinny.
Steve: Yes, she looked real.

Steve: Wait, Dickie was the same guy that played Batman and had the tirade on the DP.
Me: Yes, all the same guy.
Steve: He is quite the actor. Like the next Robert De Niro.
  • We had a great time at the Los Gatos Christmas parade. Eden marched with her preschool early on which was good because it gave us time to watch the rest of the parade. Eden is doing a great job at school. When I pull a craft out of her folder and ask her what it is she always responds, "I made it!" 
  • Anna had her fifteen month check-up and I was shocked that she hadn't gained any weight since her twelve month check (20 lbs). She eats a lot and is on the go, go, go! The doctor wasn't worried at this age.
  • We didn't know what Steve's work schedule was going to be for December and I was a little worried but there was no need. He worked two full weeks plus more days and four NFL games as well. After we got our Christmas tree, he surprised me with a World Series ornament which was so special since he usually complains about having too many baseball ornaments on our tree. Eden and I decorated the tree together. It was so much fun how she got excited about each ornament when she would hand them to me. For so many years, I was the only one that enjoyed them so it was so special to me that she enjoys them too.
  • Christmas day was so much fun at Aunt Eileen's house. The drive to El Dorado Hills was filled with fun (except for the rain). The girls had a great time playing especially with Maggie the yellow lab. We missed Denver family a lot and tried to Skype.
  • Eden loved eating, "candy cane canes", loved the Christmas lights at my parents house, Anna loved playing with Eden's toys. So far they share very well. A few items Eden lets out a "Babeeeeee, that's MINE!" but for the most part they are able to share. We hope to start a little band with a piano and drum as Christmas presents. Eden sings along with each note on her piano and marches with drum, singing "2,4,6,8!"

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