Wednesday, July 15, 2009

20 Things

Remember when all the rage on Facebook was to write 25 things about yourself and tag other people so they would do the same thing. At the time, I only came up with 20 so I never posted it on Facebook. I just ran across the file again so I decided to post them here:

1. Two words that I use to describe myself are: Jesus and baseball. I love Jesus with all my heart and soul and am truly amazed at the mercy and grace He always gives to me. I have loved baseball in a different sense for as long as I can remember. It gives me a lot of joy.
2. The two decisions I have been the most sure about were: to attend Ole Miss and to marry my husband Steve.
3. I have a beautiful and amazing daughter, Eden. But childbirth is still an enigma to me. Even though I have experienced it and it was the most empowering event of my life, I still don’t quite understand how it all happens.
4. My first job besides babysitting was a Santa’s Helper at Westgate Mall, taking pictures of freaked out kids with Santa.
5. I loved going away for college and I recommend it to all teenagers. It really made me grow up and become more independent.
6. I’m learning a lot about investments from the best teacher and I want to help as many people I can invest for their futures.
7. I love doing internet research. I hardly ever take one person’s opinion on something so it is useful for me to look things up to make sure all the facts are straight.
8. I met my husband on the infamous #17 Green at TPC Sawgrass at a Superbowl media party. It was magical….
9. I saw the final scene of “Rock and Roll (when Riff and The Ramones blow up the school) when we first moved to our new house in 1980 and got that crazy new cable TV invention. It has been my favorite movie ever since.
10. I remember everything. My brain is so clogged with useless information but I’ve found a super strong memory has many advantages.
11. My lifelong dream is to be on a game show. I’ve had several auditions but have yet to make it to the big game. If only I could make some money with that above mentioned useless, trivial information. Did anybody watch the World Series of Pop Culture on VH1 a couple of years ago? I would kill that game….
12. I was never that little girl that dreamed of the perfect wedding. I pulled mine together in about three months and I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than having all the family and friends there to support us.
13. Surprisingly, one of my favorite memories as a sports writer was covering the State wrestling finals in Lakeland, Florida for three years. The athleticism and emotion displayed at these events is really amazing.
14. While it sounds cool to say the Speaker of the House is a Catholic woman from California, she is against everything I stand for and I wish she would go away.
15.My favorite place to visit is the Bronx, NY. I was blessed for three years to visit there each Labor Day and to see my friends the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Renewal. It is such an amazing spiritual experience to be around them.
16. I’ve met a lot of athletes but my favorite was dancing with Rich Aurilia at a nightclub in Atlanta.
17. Wait, scratch that. The best was talking to David Dellucci in the visitor's locker room at Minute Maid Park in Houston
18. I watch an insane amount of TV but it relaxes me.
19. I like to sing and I think I can sing but I know Simon Cowell would probably say nasty things to me.
20. I loved visiting Italy in the Jubilee Year 2000 with awesome friends.The best part besides seeing JPII three times, was gelato in Assisi.

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