Monday, June 29, 2009

Toddlers and Mass

I'd say from about 18 months on, Eden has been a real handful at Mass. We've been able to deal with her most times but sometimes gave up and retreated to the cry room. That wasn't much better because I would get so frustrated with the socializing parents more than Eden in a pew. The last few weeks had been especially bad with several dirty looks and comments from fellow parishioners. I knew God really wanted us to be there but the whole experience was leaving me so stressed out (and I rarely experience stress!)
So when yesterday morning came and as much as I love going to Mass (and the requirement) I told Steve we shouldn't go. But we couldn't really justify missing so we went to the later service.
I was AMAZED! Eden was really good. We let her eat Cheddar Bunnies which may have helped in her distraction but at this point I didn't care. During the Our Father, she was standing on my left and I reached out to hold her hand. The older lady next to us reached out her hand to Eden and she looked at it warily but joined hands with this stranger. It was beyond sweet!
Our friend, the recently ordained Fr. Ernesto Orci, presided over the Mass and I told him we are coming to all of his Masses since Eden was so good. Fr. Ernesto was able to join us for lunch and he told us all about his ordination. He is joining the priest that married us, Fr. Thuc, at St. Lawrence in Santa Clara.
I just have to keep reminding myself that this is a short phase in Eden's life and I'm sure once it does pass, we will start all over with baby sister.
As for Baby August, she moves around a lot, especially when Mommy is trying to sleep and the midwife said she is growing perfectly. We are excitedly awaiting her arrival but still haven't decided on her name although we are receiving many great suggestions.

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