Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kinder update

Eden has been in Kindergarten for three months now so I thought I should update.
August 2012

She met all of her IEP quarter objectives for the second quarter.
I think she has exceeded one of them. Her goal is to write numbers 1-10. The next week after her conference, she wrote 1-30 with chalk on the driveway, totally unprompted. I should have taken a picture.
Halloween Parade, 2012

Halloween with her teacher

At school, she likes to play Don't Break the Ice, play with putty, read Drowsy Dragon and Cranky Bear. She also counts all 100 days. She still doesn't fully participate in circle time but she likes it when it is her turn.
She had a Thanksgiving feast and when I asked what she ate she said, "Potato chips"! Yum, what is a feast without potato chips.

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