Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday thoughts

Sunday reflections

I was thinking about Sunday all day yesterday since it was well… Sunday!

Memories of Sunday as a child/teenager:

We would go to church every Sunday and my Dad taught a Bible Study at 9 a.m. then I would go to Sunday School filled with songs and fun. Later, I was an acolyte. I liked all those activities.

After church, we would usually make a snack plate of cheese, apples and salami and watch sports. I’m sure my Mom made a big dinner those days too but I remember the snack plate more. A big Sunday dinner was important to my Dad since he had that growing up.

Memories of Sunday as a college student:

Ack, I don’t actually remember a lot of them….. especially during football season. I think some were also spent watching the rugby team play.

But I do remember my last year living with Sarah, we did the exact same things every Sunday…. Mass, Huddle House, come home and watch Scottish Claymore football, clean up apartment and then study.

Memories of Sunday as a young adult in Florida:

Sundays were great in Florida! There was one summer when I would go to Mass with a t-shirt dress over my bikini and then head straight to the beach and listen to the radio. I remember distinctly listening to the draft when Eli was drafted. Also, when I had MLB Extra Innings, I spent several Sundays on the couch immersed in watching every baseball game. Good times. My friend Mary and I were really conscious of making Sunday a day of rest and not patronizing business and shopping.

We ended up doing a lot of household chores yesterday since we played at the Oakland Zoo on Saturday for Eden's third birthday. It seemed strange but I guess it is all about trade-off.

Here are some zoo pics:

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