Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wishful thinking.......

Okay, so the last post was wishful thinking on my part. We did go to another Sunday Mass as a three person family and will probably have a second one tomorrow. My babies just like to stay inside as long as possible, their early start to driving Mom and Dad crazy!!
We tried a bunch of different natural labor induction techniques this past week with no success. It started to drive me a little crazy so we are just trying to relax now.
We tried to tempt Murphy's Law this afternoon when our trip to the beach had some complications. Our car broke down and we had to wait a couple of hours for the tow truck and my parents to come pick us up. No labor still...
Eden didn't care. She LOVES the beach!!! No pictures from our adventure because we left the camera battery at home. But we're glad to know that now so we didn't take a battery-less camera to the hospital.

St. Gerard, patron saint of expectant mothers, pray for us!

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